Arduino+Muscle Wire

Hey Everyone, I'm relatively new to arduino hardware and programming, and I am trying to get a project going using muscle wire and an arduino. I have read a great deal of the questions posed in the forum regarding SMAs and am currently making my shopping list. I intend on using thin SMA wire, from .0015-.003 mm in diameter, 2 to 3 inches in length. I realize I will need something to suppliment the current that comes from the arduino pin, one of the projects in the forum uses this kit... paired with an external power source.I am not sure what I should use for the external power source- or how many volts it should be. If someone could make a suggestion for this, that would be great ( a link would be amazing). I also realize that I will need a resistor, I have a bunch of these so when I calculate the necessary resistance I am confident I will have something that works. Is there anything glaring that I might be missing here?

Ideally I want to hook up a small sensor to the arduino for control, but would just like to get it going first. Are there any really in depth tutorials available online, I have found this which certainly helps, but does not quite answer all of my questions about wiring with arduino.

Thanks, CJ

Hi, Yes, you'll need a power transistor of some type for each muscle-wire you will control.

You SHOULD be able to use PWM pulse control to control the current and vary the muscle-wire action. Probably only safe to use a resistor to limit maximum current in case of a small software problem!

Warning! : Mentioning stuff from my own shop... but Sparkfun is fine too ...

You could use this Power FET board with 4 channels:

Hmmm. Do muscle wires act 'suddenly' when heated enough, or do they gradually change with increasing current?? Maybe you can make a variety of motions by controlling current with PWM?? If On-Off is all you need, relays would work too:

How-To on Power with Arduino here:

Let us know more about using muscle-wires...