Arduino Music Fader


I have a serial mp3 module for my Arduino, and I'm wondering if I can get it to fade the music. So as it's about to play the next song it fades out of the previous song and fades in to the current song so there's no awkward moments of silence in-between songs.

I'm just wondering if that's possible and how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

When You read the first topic telling how to get the best from this forum You will be advised to post links to stuff being used. "a serial mp3" is just like a ghost.

This is what I have:

Eehhh. Please, links to the data sheet, not sales sites.

It uses TTL serial for communication.
On page 5 (4.1.2 Commonly Command bytes Descriptions:) in the data sheet You find it.

So to fade the songs it would have to decrease the volume near the end of the song then increase it for the second song which would be [Play with Volume]? How would I get it to actually fade?
I found this:Help with building an alarm clock with fading lights, music and a touch screen - #17 by nillad Would this work for multiple songs?

Sorry. Dry reading the code You linked and then tell for sure is out of my range.
Study that code, pick up the essential sequence and adopt it to Your application.

Ok, Thanks. I'm sure I could modify that code to fit my needs.

Or copy the strategy into Your code....

Ya, that's what I meant.

Check in on the terms FADE or CROSSFADE

In the latter, you need TWO music streams to combine - for ‘no silence’

Hi there,
I saw you linked to my topic. I think that it will work for your project, there is only one thing I am not sure of: How does the arduino know when the song is ending? Can you somehow retrieve the song length from the music file?

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