Arduino Music Player on Teensy Audio Shield


For people interested in Arduino music projects, I ported my MOD music player to work on Teensy Audio Shield. The player does real-time multi-channel synthesis of wavetable instruments stored in MCU flash memory supporting various audio effects. In addition to playing music, it can also be used to create polyphonic electronic instruments by programmatically playing instruments with various audio effects on the audio tracks. In the video below it's mixing 18-channel music on Teensy 4 and outputting 16bit audio (currently mono) to the shield at 44.1KHz, but supports also some other Arduino MCU's, such as Uno:

The project can be downloaded from GitHub: GitHub - JarkkoPFC/arduino-music-player: MOD/S3M/XM/IT Music Player for Arduino

Cheers, Jarkko

Added stereo support: