Hello All

After a year or so of playing with arduino and Nrf2401 I fell upon MySensors and thinking it would be like arduino, cut & paste, fairly easy to edit to taste and your away. Not the case.

To cut a long story short, I have built the following home automation system (god knows how),

Raspberry Pi 3 hosting MQTT (mosquitto) and Home Assistant (controller).

Esp8266 (NodeMCU 1.09) with Nrf2401+ as Wifi gateway.

20+ Arduino nano snesors / actuators.

Amazon ECHO for voice activation


I have it all set up and working a treat with the examples. I am not a coder/programmer, I am semi 1/4 semi geek who doesn't like to read instructions type. I buy it, make it, then set about working out how it works. Wrong but that's me.

Arduino has alot of the communication code accessable and editable while MySensors does most of it, especially MQTT at the back end so I have no idea how it works as a whole. Info is minimal and in a language I speaketh not. It's Magic, trickery. MySensors is witch craft I tell you, no refence (that I can see) to the addressing system and how to configure it. eg. phone api, enter IP address and bingo, you can control your house on ya phone. Add a relay/ actuator, a button pops up on your api and controls the light. HOW? I Didn't tell it to or show it how. Where is the code shows comms between virtual swith to the relay and the conditions around it. The system is stable and very fast.

You would think that the simplest thing around home automation is adding a manual light switch, Not with MySensors. There is nothing out there and again, what here is is chinese to me.

I have tried the MySensors and Home Assistant forums, it's one of those places where it's far beneath them to help or they expect you to know it all and talk in strange languages. Maybe it's me, but I have hit a brick wall and seeking help here. I am that desperate I wil pay.

Before I go into my issues, is there anybody out there experienced in MQTT and Mysensors.