arduino mythtv remote

hey folks, I'm thinking about starting a new project and I have a quick question

I want to get the $14 RF modules from sparkfun and interface 1 to an arduino, and 1 to a computer. Is it possible to connect the receiver module directly to a serial port, or do I need to buy another Arduino to interface them with a computer?

The overall plan is to build a little enclosure for an arduino, with a bunch of buttons, the RF transmitter, and a rechargeable battery + charging circuit so I can plug it into a wall wart or build some kind of docking station. This will send commands to the RF receiver which will pass them onto the computer. The computer will have a little daemon running, listening to the serial commands, and forwarding them to the mythtv telnet interface. And if I can handle this fairly easily, I'll add one of the 2 LCD's I've got laying around that need to be put to use.

I'm not using lirc for three reasons, the box isn't physically located near the screen (projector and a long bit of cable) so I don't want to use IR, I hate lirc, and it's so much more fun to do it yourself :-)