arduino Nano 3.0 failing to upload

Good day to all the helpfull people on this forum, and everyone looking for answers before asking it.

i was hoping what you all could help me with a little problem i have here

i have 2 arduino Nano V3.0,
the type of board, the chip, and the comport have been set correctly.
i switched out usb cables, and the ports on the pc.
i tried downloading the newest ftdi drivers.
i also tried the loopback test, that works fine, i get back everything i type in there.
bootloader seems to be good the “L” led flashes for a while when powering on, and flashes 3 times when resetting.
the red RX led flashes when i try to program, and the chip resets (“L” led flashes 3 times)
after that, the red RX led pulses 2 times, with approx 1 sec intervals, then does nothing.

my pc is a 64 bit win10home with 16 gigs of memory.

the log:

i hope you guys can help me, i understand if one nano dies, but two, new out of the box, i don’t think thats very likely.

with kind regards,

Tom ten Berge

Keep reading about problems with Windows 10, but I haven't seen any solutions.

Update: i can't program them on my win xp pc either

Are you shure a new COM port gets created by plugging in the Nano?

tomtenberge: i tried downloading the newest ftdi drivers.

Most of the Nanos I've seen, had a CH340 serial to usb chip. Driver: CH341SER

i know new com ports are created, because my pc without the nano plugged in, has only one comport, and with it plugged it it has 2.

these nano's use a ftdi chip, the FT232RL

these nano's use a ftdi chip, the FT232RL

Perhaps they are among the Nanos with counterfeit FTDI chips. (IMO, there are signs that even the original official Nano boards may have had suspect FTDI chips.) FTDI's recent drivers (automatically updated on PCs, by Windows Update) have done assorted bad things that prevent such chips from working. Search "FTDIGate", perhaps. try a loopback test. I do not know which versions of the driver work with W10, or how to get W10 not to reinstall a non-working driver.