Arduino nano 33 BLE compatibility with 5V sd reader

hello guys, this is my first ever project with an arduino so i'm still learning the very basics.
i recently bought a nano 33 BLE for a project, the idea is pretty simple (in my mind at least), power the nano with a battery, read accellerometer and gyroscope data from the on-board IMU and save the data on a micro sd card.
my problem is that i just realised that the sd reader module that i bought works on 5V, while the nano does on 3.3V.
the nano BLE has a 5V ouput pin that activates if you power it via usb and bridge 2 contacts on the board so the "power" part should be covered, i'm not sure if all the other pins used for data comunication (MOSI, MISO, SCK, CS) are also fine, will they work fine anyway or will they fry my nano?

TL;DR can i use a 5V sd reader on a nano 33 ble or should i buy another reader rated at 3.3V?

thanks in advance for the answers :smiley: