Arduino Nano 33 BLE connecting to multiple devices


I am working on a Bluetooth Project. I have few devices which advertises address and local name but it doesn't advertise its uuid. All of these devices have Microchip BLE microcontroller and has different device names. How can I connect my Arduino to anyone of them present in its range?

Is that the same issue which we talk about in another thread? If that is the case, please do not post the same question in different sub forums. That is called cross posting and against the forum rules because it wastes time of volunteers in the forum, answering question you already have an answer for. If this issue is different, please be more specific.

You can use the BLE.scan() function to get all BLE device within range of your Arduino.

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Hey Klaus,

No, it was not the same question posted twice. In other question, I was trying to figure out UART over BLE port. I was able to do that, but not able to connect to multiple devices having same name but different number like device1, device2 and so on. In this post, I was trying to find answer for how to achieve this as with BLE.scanForName was able to find only particular device say "device1" and connect to that device "device1" only. I was trying to see how to make it more versatile.

Hello Klaus,

Thanks for the hint. It worked.

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