Arduino Nano 33 BLE issues

Can someone point me to a good resource on setting up Bluetooth on the Nano33BLE?
I have run sketches, included the arduinoBLE library, and can view output via a com port, but I have been unable to get the device to output on Bluetooth. I can see it on my Windows computer as a BT device, but I cannot pair with it or get output from it.
I've searched all over for good project code examples on getting it to work, and have found almost nothing (there is one example that lets me output "HelloWorld" successfully to one android app, but nothing beyond that. (and this example doesn't seem to have any pairing process. nRF connect app will show it, but nothing else will). The example I found was at Get Started with Arduino Nano 33 BLE - OKdo
Tutorials on connecting BT? Good code examples?
Thanks in advance.

Pairing is an optional security feature in the BLE standard. It is not supported by the ArduinoBLE library. You can simply connect from an app or another device to your Arduino. Do not try to connect from the OS, simply use the connect inside the app.

Unfortunately, using BLE under Windows is not well supported. The reason is likely nobody runs through the forest or cycles with their PC. Most BLE development focuses on mobile devices. There are plenty of generic apps on iOS and Android.

Regarding the examples there is not a lot that you need to do for a BLE peripheral. You create the service and characteristics and then write values to them in an interval that is useful to the application. The client can the decide to read them when it wants or use notifications to read the data when it is updated.

If you tell me a little about your application and I can give you some more specific hints.

Hitting the same problems.
Trying to use a nano iot to act as midipedal sending midi over BLE.
Copying something like the : "Airturn BT200S-2".

Windows sees the advertised device but can't connect or pair.
The windows app BT2Reaper is not seeing the BLE either.

It is working on android though.

If anyone has any ideas...