Arduino Nano 33 BLE pin numbers

Hi, I'm struggling to understand how can I translate the pinout diagram ( to pin numbers that I could use in pinMode() and similar functions.

I have tried to look into corresponding pins_arduino.h, but unfortunately that file doesn't mention any digital pins. Am I missing something? Is there perhaps a function translating those identifiers like P1.11 to pin numbers?


The translations are done in the board core files IIRC.
Been a long time since I last looked at one.

Unless you are working at a lower level then the standard D0, D1, A1 etc all work just fine in PINMODE.

Thanks. In the meantime, I have finally managed to find the answer to my question:

Long story short, digital pins have the same numbers as their names, ie. D2 is 2, D3 is 3, etc. For some reason, their aliases are not defined in pins_arduino.h, but fix seems to be already merged: