Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense for wireless data transfer between this module and Laptop/ and inbuilt IMU for angle measurement

Dear researchers, I purchased Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense. I need help regarding these points.

  1. It has inbuilt IMU sensor, But I want to calculate angle measurement of a joint using it (e.g., inverted pendulum angle).. How can I use these separate basic codes of Gyroscope, acceleration and magnetometer to get angle?

  2. Can I send these IMU sensors data wirelessly to my Laptop using this Arduino module? If yes, I don't want to display results, as many used by using nrf Connect. I want to save them in .csv or .txt format as 9 columns to store 9 axis data (i.e. 3 columns for tri axis acceleration, 3 col for tri axial gyro, and next 3 for 3-axis magnetometer)

  3. Can I use this module with nRF24L01+ module if above Bluetooth is not useful for my data acquisition purpose to get 100samples/sec of IMU sensors?

My previous knowledge is>>>> Using nRF24L01+ and Arduino Nano I was successful to get angle using DMP6 library of MPU6050 as well best data communication to my laptop.
However since I purchased this BLE33, it consumed my 2 months. Still not getting how to transfer data in laptop as well as angle is not available..

Thanks you for reading this, and I would be vary thankful if I got any suggestions from the community.

For static measurements of tilt away from the vertical, all you need is the accelerometer.

The equations for pitch and roll are given in

  float roll = atan2(y_acc , z_acc) * 57.3;
  flot pitch = atan2(-x_acc , sqrt(y_acc * y_acc + z_acc * z_acc)) * 57.3;

For tilt from vertical (regardless of horizontal direction) use

float h = sqrt(x_acc*x_acc + y_acc*y_acc);
float tilt = 57.3*atan2(h, sqrt(z_acc*z_acc + h*h));

Thanks. I will go through it. My final aim is to measure joint angle like ankle angle, knee angle.

The simplest way to avoid any issues with your laptop is to use another Arduino Nano 33 BLE or IoT as a BLE dongle and then send the data via Serial. If you have a way to write BLE apps on PC I would be happy to hear about them. What OS are you running on your laptop?

You can do with the data whatever you want.
Thinking about it, you could simply store the data on an SD card connected to your Arduino.

That sounds reasonable.

Lets see what we can do. There is a #nano-family:nano-33-ble-sense subforum with examples that have some of the code you will need. I helped a few people with similar applications.

Can you post the code you have so far, so I can see where we need to get started?

Thanks a lot Sir for the response.
Sir, I am using windows 10 on laptop. And trying to collect Arduino BLE33 sense data by using inbuilt Bluetooth of laptop.

Here as you said one option to use another BLE 33 sense connected to laptop.. But it would have high cost..
Alternately, Can I use nRF24L01+ module with low cost Arduino Nano connected to laptop......And BLE33 sense module with another nRF24L01+ module.....Then using RF library to wireless transmission. Is this option OK?

I do not know the nRF24L01+ that well. You would need one Arduino Nano and two nRF24L01+ modules. The Arduino Nano 33 IoT is cheaper than the Arduino Nano in the Arduino store and you could try some WiFi projects after you are done with this.

You already know nRF24L01+. Do you want to use what you already know or learn something new?

Dear Sir. I used [two Arduino Nano + two nRF24L01+ module] along with 9-axis GY87 IMU before. Later I know about BLE 33 sense which have inbuilt IMU. That is why I have shown interest toward this new BLE 33 sense module.. However it is not so simple as compare to my previous arrangement. Neither getting data wirelessly on laptop nor getting angle. Now will try as per suggestions of Mr. jremington and you.. Thanks

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