Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense LCD I2C Problem

You have two issues.

First is finding a library which will work with the architecture of the Nano 33 BLE. I would recommend Bill Perry’s hd44780.h which is plug and play with all adaptor configurations and is available through the library manager. I have compiled the “Hello World” sketch for the Nano 33 BLE without any warnings. I don’t have a board to actually try run.

Your second issue is with the pullups for the i2c bus. Some lcd display adaptors have on board pullups to Vcc. The Nano 33 BLE is a 3.3v device. You want to run the display with 3.3v, but the back light may not be work well at this voltage. If there are no onboard pullups, then external pullups to 3.3v may by used. I don’t know if the Wire library for the Nano 33 BLE engages any internal pullups on the bus.