Arduino nano 33 ble with oled (SSD1327, from waveshare)

Hello, I am relatively new to Arduino and I don't know how to use the waveshare 1.5 inch RGB OLED display correctly with my new arduino nano 33 ble. Could anyone help me?

Kind regards

Have you got a library for the display?
Normally, these are packaged with example code

Please post a link to the actual display that you have bought. e.g. Ebay sale page or Waveshare Wiki page

A link is the "best" way to identify a product.
A manufacturer's model number is the next best thing.
Many Chinese products don't have a unique part number.
An English description "SSD1327, from waveshare" is not very helpful.

SSD1327 is a grayscale controller.

Oh yes, sorry, i bought this Display
I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or maybe the display just doesn't work with the nano 33 ble

Thanks for the link. That was easy for you. And it provides all the necessary information for us. It says :

1.5inch OLED, SPI/I2C interfaces, 16-bit grey level

There should be a couple of Arduino libraries that support SSD1327 e.g. U8G2lib
Go to the IDE Library Manager and type "SSD1327"

Note that some libraries just treat it as monochrome i.e. they ignore the GRAYSCALE ability.

I guess that Waveshare example code will work. But it is not organised like a conventional Arduino library.

Incidentally, I have an Ebay SSD1327 I2C display. It showed nice Grayscale images when new. Now it is very dim. Unreadable in daylight.

Whereas the SPI library for Nano33BLE "works" it is complete crap. I suggest that you try both SW SPI and HW SPI constructors in the U8g2lib examples.

Run all of the library examples before attempting to write any custom code for yourself.

If you have a problem, quote the library example by name.
Paste the constructor statement that you are using.


I just saw that I was send a "wrong" display. I've got the the Waveshare 128x128, General 1.5inch RGB OLED display Module, 16-bit high color

The good news is that SSD1351 is full colour and is supported by several libraries e.g. Adafruit_SSD1351
I suspect that these will give an appalling performance with HW SPI because the Arduino SPI library is crap. But SW SPI should run fast enough.

If I have a moment, I will try a SSD1351 on a 33 BLE board and report back.


Edit. Yes, Adafruit_SSD1351 example works on 33 BLE.
HW_SPI and SW_SPI are about the same speed as SW_SPI on a Uno.
Obviously much SLOWER than using regular hardware SPI on a 16MHz AVR.

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