Arduino nano 33 iot doesnt work with nRF24L01

as you can tell by the title, I'm trying to transmit data between Arduinos via these RF modules. I've followed multiple online wiring setups as well as different Nano 33 iot's, but to no avail. I've used a previous guides test sketch to check if the breakout boards are registered and it fails to be detected. I ended up trying the RF modules with an Arduino micro and that works/is detected by the sketch. Therefore I can only assume that the Nano 33 iot is somehow not supported by these modules. This poses a problem as I need to use a model (master) that is compatible with Arduino iot cloud to make a dashboard of this wireless data. Multiple RF modules have also been tested with no success when paired with 2 separate Nano 33 iot.

Wiring setup for the nano 33 iot:

VCC -> 3.3V
CSN -> 10
CE -> 9
MOSI -> 11
SCK -> 13
MISO -> 12

A lot of the NRF modules are 5 volts.
Ensure you have both the correct voltage and enough amps from the board to run an RF module.

The Arduino Micro is a 5 volt based unit and IIRC has a better (slightly) amperage.
It could be you need a seperate supply for the NRF with a common ground to the Arduino.

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So it seems you wired your NRF wrong.

The NRF24L01+ chips are 3.3V and are 5V tolerant, so no problem there.

im following the same wiring setup as i did with the micro that did work, so im assuming that wiring isnt the issue and its some amperage issue with the nano 33

That would not result in a failing connection sanity check.

The chip only needs power while sending or transmitting, not in the other modes.

im confused by what you mean, ive followed the proper setup for the labels on the nRF and used the accompanying nano pinout for guidance so im not sure what could be wrong.

Correct connected working modules would pass at least the connection sanity check.

I got the same issue here. Any updates or fixes?

I am trying the same setup and unable to make it work. Have use a Nano Rev3 and it works in TX and TX mode to send data. When swapping out to a Nano IoT 33 pin for pin on the TX unit, TX failures only. I have tried a MKR1010 as well, also not able to send/receive communication with the NRF24, but when using regular Nano, TX/RX works perfectly.

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