Arduino nano 33 iot led + cloud button


Im trying to control a led over the cloud with the arduino nano 33 iot. Any good tutorials for this?

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Can you be a bit more specific what you would like to achieve? e.g.

  • What do you mean with cloud (your own solution, some cloud service provider)?
  • Where are the devices (inside your network vs somewhere on the internet)?
  • How do you want to control the LED (with another Arduino, some sensor, phone, web page ...)?
  • Do you need a scalable solution e.g., more LEDs, sensors, home automation ...?

There are plenty of examples inside the WiFiNINA library. When you installed the library using the library manager you can find them under:

File -> Examples -> WiFiNINA

I would like to use the arduino cloud and dashboard and latere there app. Im using the nano 33 iot on my on wifi network but later also outside.

Here you go:


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