Arduino Nano 33 IOT Logic levels

I'm working with an Arduino Nano 33 IOT. So, my problem is that I need to know the logic leves of the digital pins. I want to know which column of this graph is equal to the logic levels of my board.

The Web page for that device says its 3.3V;

Yes, but I'm refeering at which value it considers that is a HIGH value

What does the data sheet tell you about those levels?

There is something you are probably not telling us here . Why do you want to know ?

If the levels are 3.3v , one of your graph thingies matches that - to be sure you need to read up on the processor specs , the digital connections go straight to the pins .

It’s not a question that comes up that often

Then read the datasheet for the device.

Your board does "3.3V CMOS Logic levels", which isn't one of the options you provided...

( Page 875 )

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