Arduino Nano 33 IOT with multiple sensors

Hi guys and girls, I would like to use multiple sensors on the Arduino Nano 33 IOT to measure climate stuff.

I have these sensors:

  • DHT22 (Temp/Hum)
  • DS18B20 (Temp)
  • TDS meter sensor (electrical conductivity of water)

I already managed to connect the DHT22 to the arduino and get data but I would like to connect all 3 sensors and get the data for further processing (sending to other devices via wifi etc.).

I am totally new to this topic and it would be nice if you can give me some hints/advices how to continue.

Do I need a breadboard?
Is it even possible to connect 3 sensors and get data simultaneously? (it´s not required - I could also read from the sensors in a specified order if it is better).

Thanks in advance!

All the described sensors seem to be ok with 3.3V so, yes, you can plug them on Arduino at the same time. DHT22 and TDS seems to require low current, still ok. Gettind data simultaneously might be more challenging...

Personally I find very useful testing a circuit before doing something more definitive. That´s what´s breadboards are for. :wink:

well it just so happens I'm trying to get more than 32 sensor inputs to a nano by using 4 shift registers, I'm also outputting to 32 shift registers. My controller to guard my garbage can from the trash piggies has 4 zones each has inputs from passive IR, active IR, sound level, 3 beams (8 inputs per zone). I have a sensor that I'm working on that will detect bugs like scorpions, any bug bigger than about a 1/4 inch. Then with more logic, than it tripped call the police, the unit can turn a very bright light, if they continue to the garbage it can turn on a strobe, cross the first beam get an MP-3 file like dogs barking, get near the garbage can get squirted with water-cooled by a Peltier device, touch the can get shot with a mini super ball gun.

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