Arduino nano alternative with more memory

I am working on a bigger project with fastLed, a i2c oled,display, a menu...and i am running out of memory on my nano. Since the controller is going in a tube i can‘t use a mega. Would an esp8266 be an alternative? Or are there other optional?

The obvious upgrade is to the newer Nano Every, which is supposed to be a drop in replacement for the Nano. That said, do read the documentation and be aware that some libraries may not yet be compatible.

Oh wow. That Sounds promising.
Thank you!

Teensy 4, teensy 4.1: they are tiny and with great processing power, no less than 600 MHz!

I never worked with a teensy but have seen it before. For this project it is a little expensive because i would like to build ten. But I will try a teensy for other projects. Good to know that it has that much more power. Didnt know that.

Be careful about the Nano Every, I do not believe that FastLED has been updated to work with that board yet. The Adafruit NeoPixel library does work with the Nano Every.

Not quite an answer to your question, but you mentioned an I2C OLED. If you don't need graphics - i.e. you are just displaying text, then there is a text only library available that uses less RAM and Flash resources.