Arduino Nano and Arducam Mini 5MP ov5642. Applying filters to the camera

Hi everyone!

I am using this two components to make a project where I can recognize a color watching an image throught the screen.

For example, the camera is watching a person with a white t-shirt and i want to recognize the white color, remarking it on the screen or openning another screen beside where the camera make focus on it.

There is some way via code to recognize a color using a camera? I think it is possible, but I didn't found any project or thread where people talk about that. I think that it is a common project but I am not able to find information about this.

Any help will be so grateful!

Thanks guys!

It seems that nobody knows how to do it =(

I continue looking for information but nothing found.

I was reading the .h files of the my Arducam Mini to apply the filters and I am not able to see where should I modify the code to have what I want.

Maybe someone knows where can I touch to make focus to a color?