Arduino Nano and two 32x16 Sure led matrix displays


I have completed a ping pong scoreboard using a Arduino Nano and a single 32x8 sure electronics led matrix. All working perfect.

Well I am now creating v2 with a larger led matrix with two 32x16 led matrixs connected in series to make a complete 64x16.

I need some direction to help change the attributes of the ht1632.h and ht1632.cpp files to accomidated the two led matrix panels. ie how to hardcode the 64x16 dimensions. Currently has the following code for 3208 :
#define GET_ADDR_FROM_X_Y(_x,_y) ((_x)*2+(_y)/4)

please help!

Ping Pong Scoreboard 64x16 V1.txt (31.4 KB)


There exist several libraries for the 3208/16 Sure display panels I'm using the Gauvravmm library.. with 2 Sure 3208 panels and it works well... I do have some sample code for 2 ,3208 panels. Thanks to Pedro147 as i remember it was originally for one panel but the modifications for two were simple. I'm using a Pro-Mini for the controller and the original Sure controller board for the display PSU. Google shows a bunch of code and library files... Adafruit might also have what you want too... They sell a Nice 3216 3 coloor display as well..