Arduino Nano as a midi player

Hello everyone. I did a project some time back using sparkfun music instrument shield and arduino Uno. Now I am looking to improve my design and make the finished product considerably smaller in size. I am planning to use arduino nano. I came across this which looks interesting but unfortunately it is not available in my country and ordering online and paying more than 100 bucks would be the last resort.

What other alternatives do I have? Considering I'm a newbie, can I make my own midi device? Thanks in advance

Hi, Here's an module using the same chip that's not so expensive, it doesn't seem much smaller as an arduino-shield though.

The VS1053(b) is quite a popular chip, it wouldn't surprise me a lot of boards exist, perhaps other for the nano as well..

But if you want to, you can also design/create your own pcb.

If size is important you could reduce size to a minimum by designing a board that integrates both arduino-controller and vs1053-chip.

There are several PC-programs you can use to draw an electronic schematic and design an PCB-board on screen. With such a design, you can create a board by yourself, or have a company create professional pcbs.

There are a few disadvantages though.

I'm quite happy what I know now about the PCB-design program I use, Cadsoft Eagle, but it took me quite a while to learn how to use it. With a few components more, it can also be quite a puzzle to design a board as efficiently as possible.

Second If you want to create your own board, you probably need to solder it as well and it can be quite hard to work with Surface Mounted Devices (smd components). I'd advice everyone to experiment de-/soldering components components from a few old useless pc-boards/cards first instead of starting with an actual project and accidentally ruining it.