Arduino Nano as Serial Adapter

Hello, I am new to the forum. I have search everywhere and can't find an answer. Most of the information that come up is for the UNO with FTDI.

I am trying to use my nano V3.0 as serial adapter. I have Chinese clone with the CH340 USB chip instead of FTDI. I have already tried shorting the RST with GRD and this does not work. I also tried the method of using a sketch as followed

void setup(){ pinMode(0,INPUT); pinMode(1,INPUT); } void loop(){ }

Both methods are not working for me. Both of these method worked on an UNO with FTDI chip. I don't want to remove the ATMega328 chip, which is the last method. Base on the schematics that I read about the CH340, it should work similar to the FTDI. The RX and TX are connected to pin 0 and 1 with a 1K resistor just like a FTDI chip would.

My purpose is to make a SCLinker. You can read about it here.

I know I can buy a FTDI adapter for a few dollar, but it would be nice to get the nano to work for the future.

link is no good.

malformed url. (ie: missing the colon)

Well here is the link

But I actually figured it out. I had to direct solder onto the CH340 chip because the 1 K resistor between the CH340 and the Arduino pin 0 and 1 was somehow causing the signal to not go through. Here is a photo of the points you can solder onto if you ever need a serial adapter and only have a Arduino Nano clone. If you need DTR, it is pin 13 on the chip.

Hi voodoo614,

I just want to say thank you it just helped in critical situation!

Seems reception from external uart device to the USB to Serial converter is working well, just transmission is not working in my case !

I just ordered USB to UART converter !

Cheers !