Arduino Nano BLE Sense gets Really Hot

I have bought the Arduino Nano BLE 33 Sense. Everything has been going well until yesterday where the board doesn’t seem to function anymore. The Green LED to show that the board is ON doesn’t light up anymore. Sometime RGB Programmable LED goes ON…
Also, when I plug the board to a USB cable, it gets Really Hot… Visually, nothing seem to have burned…The Reset Button doesn’t seems to do anything.

Does someone have an idea of what is going on? Is there any kind of test that can be made to troubleshoot?

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It's certainly not a good sign. If you have anything connected to the board, try removing it to see if that is the cause of the problem. Also, make sure the board is not sitting on a conductive surface or conductive objects that might be shorting contacts. You might do a close visual examination of the board on both sides to make sure there aren't any small pieces of conductive debris or solder bridges creating shorts.