Arduino Nano + Bluesmirf !! Too slow!

Hi guys, I tried to connect the arduino nano to the Bluesmirf to send datas via bluetooth to my pc. It was not working at first then I realised that I was inverting the TX-RX cables (This thing is very common as the correct connection is TX(Arduino) -> RX(Bluesmirf) and RX(Arduino) -> TX(Bluesmirf)...I read about people not getting datas from Bluesmirf: [u]this could be the problem[/u]). Anyway I inverted the cables and now things work, but not properly: the Bluesmirf is too slow sending datas to the pc and I need a good speed to visualize changing bars on the screen. What could the problem be? As anyone experienced that? I will try to change the bluetooth dongle attached to my pc today but I don't think that this will solve the problem, I already tried to set the same speed for both Arduino and Bluesmirf but it didn't work, [u]speed is too slow also at the maximum rate[/u]. :-/ let me know, Damiano

PS -> I'm italian so I apologize if there are mistakes in my english...

I solved the problem, it was a software bug. Thread closed!! ;D