Arduino Nano-Bought from pin is high by default.

Hi every one.
I had bought 2 nano-328 from dealextreme. My problem is that when i run the default blink program changing the led pin 13 to 8. the program doesn’t seem to run.The output of pin D8 is high always.
When i change the led pin to D7 the sketch runs. But however the D8 pin is high.

Can any one guide to what the problem is.


Yes same thing on both boards. the link to the pics is 刘清清|西南交大刘清清|江西新余刘清清|华信通闹事员工刘清清|刘清清人品|刘清清简历


I will try that in the evening.

Please note that the so called "Arduino" boards sold by dealextreme are unauthorised clones. This means that if they don't work (and we're getting a lot of feedback about that) you are on your own.
Official Arduino boards will be replaced by authorised resellers no questions asked.



Philip Torrone posted an article about Arduino unauthorized clones. IMHO It's worth reading

I think its getting more and more common, people buying cheap stuff from ebay or China and when its not working, they come crying about it.
Are people just getting more and more stupid ?

Maybe a board manufacturing fault - make sure you are setting the pin to input OR output with the pin LOW.

I have done with what you said, but same result.

Now like people have said that this is a counterfeit board. Now what should i do to revive my nano.


I thinke this question is the fuse CKOUT has been program,you can re-program the bootloader if you have ISP download cable,the bootloader file is in the path: \arduino-0022\hardware\arduino\bootloaders\atmega\ATmegaBOOT_168_atmega328.hex?
Fuse setting as follow:
good luck!

Thanks arduino_lover
I have burned the bootloader through arduino ide and the boards work fine.

Thanks Again