Arduino Nano cannot read RC receiver by Pulsein?

Hi All

First, Hello everyone, first post here by modeler - RC modeler. Not sure if the Robotic forum is best place to ask RC related question, but will see.

I had a code using Pulsein to read 5 difference RC receiver output channel for a project. the code is completely fine for Arduino uno, but it keep nano crash. I set timeout as 1 sec, which will never be a time out at all, and nano will report channel 1,2,3, time out in most of cases.
I soldered pin to servo cable from RC receiver, which should be solid in most cases. but Nano sometime report time out sometime can measure all channel well. Is that my solder issue, or nano is inherited unstable for pulsein? admitted, i used ebay nano.

Nano is perfect size for my RC application, a tamiya Scania 470 trailer truck, i wish i can use it.

To better solder, what micro solder tip you guys use?

Another thought is how solid is the T-tap of signal wire in servo cable, I understand it is no difference from Y harness, but I am concerned how well it handles electrical interference between RC receiver and arduino.

Attached is the code, which I want to take RC pwm signal and do some logic to control the truck’s signal light, gear change, and ESC control.

truck.ino (4.8 KB)

Is it possible that the Arduino ground is not connected to the RC Receiver ground?

no, they share the same ground and 5v together, but nano won’t work consistently, I tried uno today, same code, work perfectly.