Arduino Nano Car v 1.0

I received two robotics kits called Arduino Nano Car and I don't have a complete scheme for assembling the 4wd car. Specifically, I do not realize how the wires connect to the board. In that kit I also received a stick that contains the assembly of this car that I attached here. If anyone has a complete diagram with the assembly of this smart robot that will help me with the connection of the connecting wires on the board. I also searched the site at and did not find a suitable scheme.
The link from okystar and the car we talked about.
Thank you!

Welcome to the forum.

You posted in a sub forum specific to the Arduino Nano 33 IoT which is not the device in your kit.

Did you ask the support from Okystar for the documents missing?

I would recommend you ask the Arduino forum admins to move your post to another more suitable sub forum e.g., Robotics

You can also Google into the forum and see whether there are any post with Okystar kits.