arduino nano CH340 uploading code

i have arduino nano CH340 .
when i try to upload any code i get this ERRoR:
verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0037
0x02 != 0x00
any one know about these error?

A Arduino Nano uses an FTDI chip. If your board uses a CH340, it's not an Arduino Nano.

So you might have to find out first what exact type of Arduino you're using. It seems that you can upload a sketch but it never reaches the flash memory of your Arduino. That might have several reasons from cheap Chinese board with errors on the board to fake processor.

Another reason might be that Arduino changes the bootloaders for the Nano. If you have an original Arduino Nano you know by the manufacturing date if you have the new or old bootloader. I don't know which to choose with your model. Try both options.