Arduino Nano (clone) resetting after Futaba S3003 (clone) triggers

Hi there

I have an arduino nano clone connected with a Futaba S3003 motor.

The motor takes 5V from the +5V pin of the nano (around 4.96 when powered with usb charger)

In my sketch on the setup part I have a sort of check of the motor. By making it go from 35° to 160°.

Then the sketch would go as normal and enter the loop function.

However I´ve come to realize that when the motor starts it´s range of motion given in the setup. The voltage on the +5V pin drops to around 4.26V and the nano resets itself.

So by doing this it gets stuck in a loop. Start -> Setup initialized -> Motor moving -> Vdrop -> Nano reset -> Start all over again.

I´m aware that there should be a problem regarding the current that the motor is drawing from the 5V regulator.

I´ve put a 22uF electrolitic capacitor in the Vin and GND and used a 9V power adapter and it improved the stability but not a 100%

Maybe the most easy way would be to use a 7805 regulator and make the motor draw the current from it and feed the arduino from there as well or a usb wall socket (wich I have).

But I do not have/want to implement that.

So to make the point

Using capacitors (electrolytic or ceramic) and a power adapter of 9V or 12V (those things I have at hand)

Can I make some workaround to the current draw?

Or I will eventually need to approach the external 7805 regulator solution?

PS: I used the rig in an original arduino uno and when powered with the usb wall socket it never reseted. So I think the lack of caps in the nano is making troublesome my end game

Hope to hear from you guys