Arduino Nano clone with CH340G not recognized

so i bought some cheap arduino nano clone and it turns out that it isn't recognized by arduino IDE. I searched for solutions and all i found was trouble with drivers so i reinstalled them from multiple sources but in IDE i'm still getting upload error. In windows device manager com port is labeled correctly but in arduino it's still missing. Can i do something about this or is it chip broken?

Did you try more than one module?

Did you try on another PC?

Did you use USB 2 port?

If you've installed the drivers, but the CH340G is not detecting as a COM port...

  • Check with known good cable (there are a LOT of bad cables going around lately)
  • Check that it really is a CH340G based board (look at markings on serial chip)
  • Check device manager - is there a non-working device flagged up there?

Do other CH340G devices work on your system? If so, that indicates a problem with your nano clone (good thing they're cheap as dirt!); if not, it indicates a system/driver problem.