Arduino nano clone


I use an arduino nano clone and I see it has a voltage regulator “Ams1117 5.0 h517” in it. As I understand this regulator provides a steady 5V. But my arduino also has a 3.3 V output pin and I cant find the voltage regulator of 3.3 V in it.

The thing is this: I am using 3.3 V of arduino to power nrf24l01+ and as far as I know this 3.3 V provided by arduino is a shitty voltage, it is not steady. So I would like to find the 3.3 v voltage regulator on the arduino board and replace it with a better one. But I cant find it on the board. My arduino is this

Thanks for the link, but that only shows the top side. The voltage regulator and the usb-serial chip are on the back. In the official Arduino Nano, the FTDI usb-serial chip creates the 3.3V, that 3.3V is not very strong. In the Arduino Nano clones, a counterfeit FTDI is often used, I don't know how good or bad that 3.3V is. The NRF24L01+ might need a burst of current, you could add a 3.3V voltage regulator (a LDO type).

It states it uses a CH340. It’s a fine Serial to USB converter. Like the FTDI it has a 3,3V regulator build in.It’s fine for logic but cant deliver much like for transceivers. So you just have to add your own regulator :slight_smile:

Thanks man :) But I almost never use my arduino powered by USB, I usually power my arduino providing 12v at VIN. So where is the regulator? Do you know the current limitation?

Like I said, there is non! It's inside the CH340 USB to serial. And that chip is just connected to Vcc which can be the output of the 5V regulator or the USB.

batata004: I usually power my Arduino providing 12v at Vin. So where is the regulator? Do you know the current limitation?

The 5V regulator is the thing with three little pins and one big tab.

Without a heat sink how much current - very little! And much less if you power it from 12 V.