Arduino nano don't start

Hello, I have a problem with my Arduino nano.

my arduino doesn't want to start with the normal usb socket. I wanted to measure how much volts was arriving at the socket, so I accidentally short-circuited the 4 and 5 pin. Then he went on. As far as I know, I short-circuited 5v and a data pin.

does anyone know why the arduino turned on right then?

What socket are you talking about? What are the 4 and 5 pins called? Shorting 5V to a data pin will possibly destroy that port pin. Post a link to the part you are using, not all Nanos are the same.

Your story is not quite clear? If it was not powered, it can't switch on; if it was powered, it was already on. Can you please elaborate a more? What else was connected and how (a simple drawing can clarify a lot)? If it was powered, how was it powered?

This is part of the schematic, are you refering to pins 4 and 5 in the left row or in the right row. Or to other pins like thos on the ICs?


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oh, well I have found the defect, the USB socket was damaged a lot, that was the defect, but thanks for the help

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