Arduino Nano Every A0 voltage divider bridge

Hi everyone,
I'm currently using the Arduino nano every in my application to :
-Communicate with the BMS equipped with a BQ2060 with SMBUS (already done)
-Confirm the presence of an NTC (that is on the BMS of my battery) with a voltage divider bridge.

My voltage divider bridge is supposed to give me a Vout around 2.5V (NTC = 10K and the other resistor is 10Kohms too)

The issue is that with the simple code that i have :

void setup() {


void loop() {

int valeur = analogRead(A0);
float tension = valeur * (5.0 / 1024.0);


Here is the values that the nano gives me :

It's almost the same when the pack is unplug (starting at 2.7V and stagnate around 3.6V)

Post some type of schematic, I do not know how things are connected. Include links to technical information on all the hardware items as well.

Hi gilshultz,
There is the shematics you asked :

I've just test the same thing on an arduino Uno and it's working well, the same wiring, same sketch, all the same system, so i guess it's not my wiring or something and it's linked with the nano every.
(I highlighted in red on the first picture so it's easier for you to understand)

Not sure this is relevant , but by default the analog input uses the chip supply voltage as its reference - so if that changes , your reading may differ.
The power supply arrangements on the Every may differ to those on a UNO .
Some research needed

I have another arduino nano every, going to test the same system and keep you informed.
Thanks for the help

Hello all,
news about the topic. Problem resolved. It was just a defective arudino nano every.
Thanks you for the time you gave me.
See you

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