Arduino nano Every clone (ATMEGA4808) and I2C liquid display

I bought Arduino Nano Every, but later i found it is just clone. So ATMEGA4808 is on board not ATMEGA4809...
I found Thinary Developments Board lib to support this hardware. But still i can not make work 20x4 I2C liquid LCD. I found advice to add 4K7 resistor between VCC-SDA and VCC-SCL pins A4 and A5.
I used I2C scanner - nothing found, and it freeze after 2 tries. From Arduino Nano i know, LCD is working on address 0x27. Used lib LiquidCrystal_I2C.h also not working (on arduino nano is working well). Anybody makes it work

Excuse me but you cannot call such a board a clone of the Every.
Do you have schematics of that board? Are you sure that A4/A5 is wired to the same pins as on the Every?

On aliexpress " Arduino Nano Every Atmega4808". A4/A5 is I2C, tested. I found few topic here, but nothing works

How? If that works and you tested the LCD using a Nano the LCD must work on your board too. So any of the above statements must be wrong.