Arduino Nano Every - Diagram error.


On the drawing of NANOEveryV3.0.sch.pdf 2019/07/17, we can see that PA2 pin corresponding Arduino A4/SDA function.
Another pin, PF2, correspond at the same function, but the wire is'nt connected to the blue BUS.
Another pin, PF3, correspond at the A5/SCL function is'nt connected to the blue BUS.

So, i've some interrogations :
What is the Arduino function of pin µC4809 PF2 ? Note that A4/SDA is on PA2.
Have pin µC4809 PF3 used by Arduino ? For witch function ?

Is it possible to contact the drawer for these remarks ?

Thank you

According to the EAGLE schematic and PCB, BOTH PA2 and PF2 are connected to pin A4, and both PA3 and PF3 are connected to pin A5.

This makes sense - on the original Nano, The I2C pins are "merged" with A4/A5 by the chip internals. The I2C pins on the 4809 have different limitations (slightly more choices), but most of the choices don't have analog input and I2C on the same pins, and that's desirable for Nano board-level compatibility.

Presumably the "Wire" library for I2C takes care of turning OFF the PA pins before turning on the PF I2C pins.

Thank you Westfw. I can't open eagle's files but your answer works for me. Excellent.

hi, westfw.

For a new post about Every consumption, i would have eagle files in pdf format. Might you say me where can i found them ?


They already are available in PDF.
Check out the documentation from the products page.


@ballscrewbob : i can't read EAGLE format files ! ( Readable whith a specific program.) . PDF, ODT, PNG, TIFF, JPG ...

... in fact, i would have PCB in PDF format !

The schematic IS in PDF.