Arduino Nano Every is getting very hot


I unboxed my new original Arduino every. After connecting it to the USB of my MAC it got extremely hot and the MAC disabled the USB port saying that it consumes too much power.

It happened with 2 new Arduinos

Any suggestions?

Did you remove the anti static foam ?


Some of my newer type nanos get slightly warm but that is all.

Usually when USB ports shut down it often points to a wiring problem caused by the user.
On occasion simply removing the offending wiring will allow things to return to normal but on other occasions damage may have occurred to the board for which there is no remedy.

Make sure your USB cables are all OK and not damaged in any way to start with and remove any other connections to the boards.

Sounds like you have a 5V to Gnd short.
Can you measure that with a meter?
Measure USBVCC to Gnd on the USB socket as well.
Look carefully for shorts on the VCC pins and on the VCC pins on the chips.

I opened another Arduino and it is working. Probably I got 2 damaged items...