Arduino Nano Every no serial Transmission

Hi There,

I am trying to turn a Nano Every into a MIDI controller. Until now I developed on an Arduino Uno and got everything running.

With the Nano Every however, there seems to be no transmission through the serial port.
I made a quick sketch to focus on sending data through the serial Pin.

void setup() {

void loop() {
Serial.write(181); //MIDICC
Serial.write(32); //CC32 Bank Change
Serial.write(197); //MIDIPC

If I monitor through Hairless MIDI there are no bytes being sent. As soon as I open the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE serial data is being sent. Now when i check back in Hairless MIDI the data is sent.

How do I get it to send the data out from the start (as it does with the UNO)?

Taster_Test.ino (241 Bytes)

I always thought Midi transmitted at 31250 baud and not 9600 baud.

Nano Every has two serial ports:

Serial - USB only
Serial1 - Tx-Rx (D1-D0)

Try changing Serial by Serial1 in your sketch.

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