Arduino Nano Every - slow uploading

Uploading a simple program (such as blink) from the IDE to my Nano takes around 2 seconds.
I recently bought a Nano Every because I need more than two interrupt-capable digital pins.

Uploading the same program on the Nano takes around 13 seconds from the Uploading ... to Done. messages in the IDE.

Anyone know why there's such a big difference and/or if there's anything that can be done about it? It makes testing quick changes much more of a pain.

If it makes any difference I'm using a Windows 10 laptop - a fairly old one with a 4th generation i5 and 8GB RAM.

As an aside, why isn't the Nano Every more popular? It's cheaper than the (official) Nano, and it's more capable, with more RAM, more program space, more timers and far more interrupt pins. I would have expected it to be the default device, but it wasn't even supported by the IDE without downloading extra support. I do think the choice of name was poor, Googling for "Nano Every" specific info is awkward because "every" is such a common term.

Quick answers.

The EVERY needs to compile a little more than a regular NANO because of the architecture differences.

The EVERY in the grand scheme of things is quite new but there is a section devoted to it which is where I am moving you.

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