Arduino Nano Every + Step-Up DC converter

Hi, I'm planing to build a small led animation system using some WS2812B a Nano Every and a 5V power supply.

Would be ok for the Arduino to be feed to the Vin with the 5V DC power and a step-up converter (to 12V for example) ?


What is the purpose of the 12V step up converter? What will it power?

Forget using Vin at all. Vin needs at least 7 - 7.5 volt minimum by the way.

Aha, I see now what you are asking... Just connect your 5V supply to the 5V pin of the Arduino. No need, or want, to go through the barrel jack.

thanks for your answers.

I wanted to power the Arduino trough the Vin input because I have read from time to time comments that it is not a good idea to skip the voltage regulator and connect it directly to the 5V.

that was the idea of using the step-up converter

If you have a stable 5.0 Volt supply just connect your stable 5.0 Volts to your Vin pin. There is no reason to take 5.0 Volts and use a boost converter to get it to 12 Volts only so the onboard regulator can regulate the 12 Volts down to 5.0 Volts which is where you started from. Unless I am missing something?


@ Ron_Blain

you mean, the V pin or the Vin ?

Do not connect 5V to the Vin pin. Connect it to the +5V pin. If you connect 5V to the Vin pin, the regulator will provide less than 5V to the board, because the regulator can not pass current without some voltage drop.

Those comments were probably warning you not to connect 9-12V to the 5V pin. Slow down when you read and try to get the exact meaning and context.

Or, post links to those comments.

Thanks @aarg for the answer!

Slow down when you read and try to get the exact meaning and context.

you made me laugh :grin:

Sadly, there is a lot of nonsense promulgated in tutorials and even on the Arduino site proper.

There is no reason not to power the Nano Every from a properly regulated 5 V supply and in fact that is the optimum way to power it. There is no reason not to power the original Nano from a properly regulated 5 V supply. There was or is a concern powering the UNO(/ Mega/ Leonardo) from 5 V but only when you need to connect it to a PC via USB.

Entirely unlike those Arduinos and the Nano or Pro Mini, the "Every" has an actually usable regulator on "Vin" so you can use that to power the Nano Every with a voltage of at least 7 V and attach other devices to the "5V" pin drawing up to nearly an Amp.

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