Arduino Nano, GPS NEO 6M, GSM SIM900A and Pulse sensor


i’m working on a project to create a tracking device. Using arduino nano, GPS , GSM and pulse sensor.

What would the maximum range, distance, between the units be?


You need to decide for the distance. If it goes too high the receiver will not pick up the alarm and Your design is useless.
Different technics have different capacity regarding distance. Bluetooth f ex reaches some 10 meters away....
Wifi? Rf? Lora?
Other guys will need to step in and tell the details. It's out of my comfort zone.

Where is this SOS GPS locator intended to work ?

Turn it on indoors and the GPS might never get a location fix at all.

100 meters is not much. That calls for almost a body guard being rather close. What about the GSM network?

100 meters is under ideal conditions with no interference, objects or walls in the way. You need to decide how far away the receiver can be from the wearer. You also haven't told us if the whole thing is meant to be portable or if the receiver will be in a fixed location. We really can't help you until you decide on those things.

Also the SIM900 only works on 2G which has already been phased out in most countries.

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