Arduino Nano Hata

I made an external 5V input on analog 0 with 6-7 V from Vin to Arduino nano and it became unusable.
RX - TX - POW is lit solid. The computer does not recognize it. What do you need? Can it be saved? thanks.

Arduino nanoyu Vin den 6-7 V ile beslerken analog 0 a da harici 5V giriş yaptım ve çalışmaz kullanılmaz hale geldi.
RX - TX - POW ışıkları sabit yanıyor. Bilgisayar tanımıyor. Ne yapmam lazım? Kurtarılabilir mi? Teşekkürler.

Do any parts on the board feel hot?

Thanks. According to my observations, there is no hot.

Chances are that if you put any more than 5 volts into it you fried it, and it will no longer get hot.

Mark it up as a valuable lesson.

Thanks, NO, arduino nano is VİN input between 7-12v. another reason
now 3 nano is waiting like this :slight_smile:

You said you put the voltage into an ANALOG PIN
Did you use a voltage divider ?

I may have given 5.5 v to the analog pin
so nano is broken then thank you so much
so nano won't fix it? Was it rubbish? :frowning:

I doubt it was rubbish.
Sound more like a basic user error.
Exceed a devices limits and they do tend to break.

Have broken a few thing in my time by using them past the recommendation's.
We all tend to do something wrong at some point be it electronics or otherwise.

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