Arduino Nano HC-05 SD - How to get FTP

So I'm looking to do something other people have tried to do but haven't found any real solutions. I want to transfer files from my created bluetooth device back and forth with my computer.

I've read that HC-05 doesn't support FTP but can still read/write txt files or do data dumps to an SD.

Currently I have:
Arduino Nano


SD Breakout

I want to be able to store files from my computer to the SD card via bluetooth and be able to delete files on the SD card as well as move the files from the SD card back to my computer.

If the HC-05 module doesn't support FTP, what is a bluetooth module I can use that does?
Also, is the only way to upload code to the arduino nano from the arduino IDE? I was reading:

which is a paper written on essential bluetooth programming in which he provides examples of programming bluetooth in Python and C. But if I were to use python to code, would I have to use a different compiler other than Arduino IDE? And if I did, then what would I do to get the code uploaded onto the microcontroller if I used a texteditor other than the Arduino one?