Arduino nano Input connecting

So i have arduino nano

and i have some i dont know name , fingerprint microchip

and this fingerprint microchip output sends + and -

How do i connect this output to arduin nano input

I dont wonna burn somting

Do i connect this + from fingerprint to arduino nano input , and gnd to arduino gnd ? or how

and do i need to put resistor or what ?


upload widget

Rather than a simple pain type picture a REAL picture of the device would be much better along with any markings that are on it.

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It is simple

This module sends output for like solenoid ,

But i need this output to be arduino input

How to connect this output to arduino input , because it has + and - wire

yes but can we have a REAL picture of the device not the super simple schematic.

"some microchip" means nothing.

It could be sending out signals the Arduino cannot accept ?
It could need a special library ?

It is rare for them to just send out an ON OFF pulse as a single shot without first having being told somehow to do that.

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When fingerprint is accepted it sends power 5v 500mA max to output for 5 seconds

for like solenoid , motor or whatever

But i will not attach anything need to attach this output to arduino input ,

When fingerprint is accepted it will send 5v out to arduino input ,...

First measure the actual output to make sure it is <= 5 volts.
If it is slightly over 5 volts a small resistor would be advisable to lower it to <=5 volts.

Then you can use any of the digital pins to read that as an input high or low.

Do i need to connect ground ?

Because 2 wires + and - coming out from fingerprint output

Yes you do.

ok tnx , i try :slight_smile: