Arduino Nano megapixel capacity

I have an Arduino Nano microprocessor and I was wondering if anyone knew what the highest megapixel camera I could attach to it would be? I know the Nano doesn't have to most computing power, so I didn't want to get too high a resolution and not be able to send it through the Nano. It will then be sent through an onboard transmitter from the Nano.

There was discussion on this in the last couple of days. It wasn't too helpful but you should trawl it up. I don't think the "computing power" is the problem. Your Nano may well be smarter than the computer in the camera. The problem is the memory and I imagine all you have to do is get the data off the camera's storage, or directly off the sensor, and send it to the wireless transmitter, thereby transferring the memory problem to the wireless receiver.

My 5 Mpx camera came with a 32Mb card. That is a thousand times more memory than my Uno. It was good for eight pictures.