Arduino Nano (Not a knockoff) was having problems showing in device manager

So I was having problems getting the Nano to even show up in device manager until I saw a little exclamation mark beside the USB serial converter (under USB controllers branch) and updated that driver.

The Nano for some reason now shows up but only as COM3 with no description and it tells me that the latest drivers are installed.

However on the IDE the serial ports menu is still greyed out and when I try to upload to the COM3 port it gives me the same error as when the Nano didn't show up.

I know for a fact it is not the cable and it is a genuine FTDI chip. I feel like it's something to do with Windows 10 but I can't figure out what the issue is.

I am having the same problem. Brand new Arduino Nano 33 BLE. Was able to connect and try Blink and one other sample program for the accelerometer and then the port menu grayed out. I was unable to fix that but tried with an Uno and it worked fine. I then tried the Web IDE and was again unable to connect to the Nano, but the Uno was fine. I tried this on Windows 10 and MAC 10.9.5 using Chrome.


There are a few variations on the OLDER series nano (328 based)
Not all use the FTDI so a picture of the back of the board may help.
See second link below to see how to post pictures.


Yours is one of the NEWER series NANO's and NOT an older (328) series.
There are sections lower down that are specific to yours.

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