Arduino Nano not able to program

Hi! I don't know if it's a problem with the setup of the arduino software or the nano itself but i'm not able to even probgram the nano.

I just start in the arduino.

I try to burn the blink test to the arduino nano to see if it's work and no :(

I have the pwr red LED on and the L led flashing several time per second.

After when I click on upload it's telling me avrdude: stk500_getsync () attemps 10 of 10: not in sync: resp-0x20.

I select nano on com3(the only one I have) and I try the 2 processor..noting work :(

I try on my laptop (windows 7) and on my mac(Yosemite).

On the mac I dnt have the com port..Only 2 bluetooth and serial port.

So first how I can get it working and if it's possible on the mac to.



A serial port is a com port. The nano has a USB to serial converter on it.

Without the board plugged in check in the IDE under tools->port and see what is there. Then plug it in. If you get a new one use that, if not you have a driver issue. Post a link to where you bought the board and we can advise which driver to use.

It's a local store. More I check the board more it look like a arduino copy :(

The guy told me it was a arduino... The only port that I have it's serial port( but I can't select it) Even when I select this port the check is not there.

After I have 2 bluetooth port..

Is there anything plugged into the board other than the computer?

What USB to serial chip does it have on the underside? Is it an FT232RL or a CH340?