Arduino Nano not getting Power

Hey Guys,

So, I've had a Arduino Nano or a while, used it a couple of times and it worked fine. Recently, Whenever i connect it to the computer with a usb cable, It doesn't turn on. The Led's stay off nothing goes on. However, if i connect a battery to the Vin and GND Pins, it works fine. I know the usb cable works because I've used it before fine. If anyone can help, or provide another way to program the Nano i would be grateful!



When you power it externally does the computer recognise the nano?

Have you tried the lead on something else now?

Thanks for the response,

Yes i have tried the lead on something else, it works fine.

If i power it externally and plug it in, the computer can't find it

If i power it externally and plug it in, the computer can't find it

It sounds like the FTDI chip has gone. It is surface mount so it is a bit tricky to replace but it can be done.

Thanks, I have heard that you can program an arduino without an ftdi chip, i.e. a mini, using an uno. I have tried to program the nano this way, but to no avail. Would you have an suggestions as to how i could achieve this?

Have you provided external power when trying to do this?

Yes, i have attached an external power source while doing so, what's more, when reset, gnd and rx are connected,(All of them have to be connected,i've tried) the l surface mount led's that are power, pin 13, rx and tx start azy and going crazy and blinking, even when the other board is running only a blink sketch)

when reset, gnd and rx are connected

You need RX as well. What are you connecting to reset? You can't just connect it to the reset of the other arduino.

When you said program it using another arduino I thought you meant through the programming pins not the serial lines. Without disconnecting the Tx, Rx and reset from the USB / serial chip on the broken arduino it is not going to work as the good arduino can not over ride the broken one.

I was connecting rx to rx, tx to tx, resetto reset, and also connecting the two grounds. Could you please tell me the correct way to wire it?

If you do that, you have to disconnect the wires from the broken FTDI. This will involve either removing the chip or cutting the tracks. It is not an advised thing to do.