Arduino NANO (O Atmega 328 TQFP) A6 A7 is alvaible when using I2C

Dear friends.

I don’t have any arduino nano so I can’t try…

The question is simple.

The Arduino NANO with the Atmega328 TQFP has 2 more analog inputs : A6 and A7.

I want to use 6 analogs inputs (A0, A1, A2, A3, A6 and A7).

I want to receive I2C data too…

If I active the I2C, should I can read A6 and A7 normally? Or at activating I2C, those 2 extra analog inputs will be disabled or unable to be readed?


I never had a need for it but it should work.

I2C and analog inputs A4 and A5 don't combine because they share the same pins and can only be used for one functionality.

Yes, A6 & A7 can still be used as analog inputs when A4 & A5 are used for i2c.

Unlike other analog inputs, A6 & A7 cannot alternatively be used as digital inputs/outputs.