Arduino Nano powering and debugging not working

Hi Guys,

Currently i am using the 5V pin to power it on a PCB i have done and it works fine, the problem starts when i try to monitor and upload the firmware through the USB when connected to the board. The strange part is that it works some times and some not.

i need some help to sort out how is the best solution to power an arduino on my circuit.
I believe there issue is because the board is powered through the PCB and USB and somehow it causes a conflict.
Should i change the power to Vin would it solve the issue? or how is the best approach to allow accessing the monitor and upload?

btw, i tried to search in the forum but couldn´t find anything related. Sorry if it is repeated!

I power through the Vin with about 8V, sometimes 12V, this gives me additional filtering etc on the power supply. I read somewhere some of the Nano boards to not properly isolate the 5V from the USB power although Vin is done properly (I have never verified this). I have never had any problems with this connection. I cannot give much more help without a schematic showing what is connected with links to the hardware devices technical information.

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