Arduino Nano "programer not responnding" auf Windows8

Hi, I am using an Arduino Nano on Win7 64bit and when trying to upload a program I get about 10 errors that say "programer not responding".

Things that were suggested online that i already tried: -Installing the latest FTDI Usb driver -Pressing the reset button before and/or during the upload -Making sure i have chosen the correct board in the IDE -Trying different USB Cables / Ports

I have already made sure that the problem is not with the Arduino, since it is working on the Pc of a friend of mine (he did nothing but install the FTDI driver)

Can somone tell me what to do?

You don't have to try different ports, you just have to select the right one ;) If you open device manager on you computer you probably have a device with a ! under ports of unknown devices.

Is it a Original Arduino or a clone? The original uses an ATmega16 as a USB to serial device. A lot of clones use the (perfectly fine) CH340. Just look closely at the chips to identify them.